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Next Level Fitness

Next Level Fitness small group training is designed to improve athletic performance in all aspects of training.  All programming is done by Advanced Level Certified Performance Specialist.  Next Level clinics represent the best Total Football Package offered.  We train for Strength, speed, agility, explosiveness combined with football specific drills.  Additionally, we provided high level positioning training taught by well qualified coaches, trainers and college level football players.  We develop the total player including leadership skills.  We assure you that players that participate in our summer training will have the advantage of exceptional physical fitness and superior positional training.


Our Youth Training Programs are designed to improve the physical development for youth at all athletic levels. Ranging from the beginner athlete to the elite athletes, we train youth as young as 7 years old. Children not only want to be active, they also need to be taught how to be active! Children who are physically active have fewer health problems.

It is important to encourage some form of physical activity when your children are young as child obesity is a growing epidemic and by the time they reach high school we find that approximately 60% of children are no longer physically active. More importantly, training young athletes has to be balanced to align with their growth. Speed, Strength and Agility is a developed skill.

Program Information

All of NEXT LEVEL FITNESS clinics are designed to introduce your player to a variety of speed, agility and Specific drills during the fitness part of our Enhancement clinics.  Strength training will also be performed using primarily body weight for resistance to prepare new and beginning players for the fall football season.

Our programming is professionally supervised with safety as the top priority.  All players at any fitness level will benefit as they progress at a safe pace.

Skills sessions will encompass the majority of our Enhancement clinic time.  Basic skills will be covered for every position and we encourage all kids to learn multiple positions. 

NEXT LEVEL FITNESS programming adheres to published recommendations and limitations for young athletes.  Keep in mind it is not recommended for these young athletes to perform exercise programs without professional supervision.


NEXT LEVEL FITNESS will also be bringing in college level football players to mentor our young players and spice things up.





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Scott Jones

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